Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paris Je t'aime ! Shopaholic me ?

If you are in Paris, or going there , please stop by CHEZ CAMILLE BISTRO. The best TARTE TATIN ever in my life . Marie the waitress is such a nice person and she recomends these dessert . Of course we ate delicious food ! Oh , It's located at Saint Germain de Pres in La Rue FRANCS BOURJEOIS. All the beautiful shops and local boutiques are in the area. I got some nice boots and a feather purse at MELLOW YELLOW !
I also took a picture of these fancy fashion couple in the store ! Check it out !  beijos

                                                                   My  mother's sweter !

                                   Salad , Camenbert and French Bread ! Was delicious !

                                               kkkkk I wrote TARTE TATIN on a table !

                                                                 Cool couple !
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