Monday, February 28, 2011

Fashion Week Article for!

Here's again my article,which I wrote for a Brazilian Newspaper( It's about the Fashion Week and also a great brazilian designer Daniela Helayel for Issa london! She is just fabolous! She had launched her 10th anniversary line in London fashion Week for Pre-Fall 2011.
beijos! It's in Portuguese! :)

     Here's my writing for the Brazilian newspaper! You can check more about me in the link!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lincoln Road ! Was a flower day!

I know that today is Sunday , but I was busy working the whole day yesterday! The weather here in Florida is so nice , probably in the 70s! So Friday I went down to Miami Beach to have lunch with my husband on Lincoln Road at Books & Books!
I wore this nice long flower skirt , which I was thinking of selling  online
but I decided to keep it because it's so 70's! Also I had these brazilian crochet  shrug , which matched exactly with the colors in the skirt! beijos
                                      kkkk Little craziness for my Vintage sunglasses! Happens!

 Yep! I'm always with the same bag! Just for now , i'm enjoying carrying MONALISA! :)

Wearing: Top Forever21, Crochet Shrug from Brazil, Necklace Forever21,Vintage Flower long skirt, Aldo shoes!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Palm Beach Day!

Yesterday my husband had to run some errands in Palm Beach! So I left my computer on, where i was trying to finish my article, and went with him! That was the best idea i had, cause we stopped at the shops and had some great lunch at Taboo Restaurant. Finally I wore my pleated skirt, not the one for sale in my shop, but the short one. Some leather shoes from Brazil , that looks totally 60's. So much fun . I should had brought my bikinis! The beach was just amazing! beijossss    

 Wearing! Vintage french Shrug Lace Bolero, T-shirt from Forever21,Vintage Tresse leather belt,Vintage sunglasses, Vintage Pleated skirt, Jackie O shoes from Brazil, Bracelet from Forever21, Necklace from Forever21, Monalisa bag Le Tanner ( Paris)

                                                                         Love the Jackie O shoes!

              Mixed everything from print t-shirt , necklace and shrug! I think came out right!

                                                             The shops of Palm Beach!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Fairy Tale Yellow Dress!

Yesterday i had this  Big Event called Red Carpet Gala for the  kids with Cleft Palate. It was a fundraiser in The Golf Country Club of Boca Raton( Florida). It was made by my friends from the Liga das Mulheres( Womens League). So I got these long fairy tale yellow dress in a Vintage store in Paris. It was hanging in my closet since then. So i decided to wear it! Came out perfect. I had all the best compliments, and also I was the only one with yellow! yessss i love to be ecletic! beijosssssss

                 Wearing: Long Silk Dress from Paris, Vintage Silver Clutch, Aldo shoes,Vintage earrings!

                                        Me and Ale( Isn't she beautiful?) I think so!

                                                               Me and my firends!

                                                     Actually was my mother's cluch!So Vintage!

                                    Again with the shoes? Yes, my fairy tale one!

                                          Someone gave me! I brought it home! :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Leopard Trench Coat and London Boots!

As some of you may already know i'm obsessed for Vintage Clothing. That's why I have my online store! I wore my Leopard trench coat (mother's closet- Courreges) but with a little bit of exageration: Rain Boots!
I was dying to wear them again since London and Paris. kkkkk I went to a Newspaper event in Marco Polo htl wearing them. Wishing to be in Paris and not in Florida! beijosssssss

 Wearing: Leopard Trench Coat- Vintage  Courreges , Vintage Sunglasses, Vintage necklace, H&M tights, Rain boots  from London,Monalisa bag from The Louvre.

                           Rain Boots from a street fair near Victoria Station- London

 Monalisa bag from Le Tanner ( Louvre-Paris)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Photoshoot with Bruna and my New Collection!

Yesterday , me and Bruna ( my photographer friend) did a photoshoot with my Cougar Vintage Collection! The web site is almost done, and for a while i'm using etsy as my host! Here are some of my collections that will be presented online.If you are interested , send me an email , or go to my ....beijossss

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Meeting and Lunch!

On Tuesday I had these meeting at a newspaper's office, which I write the fashion articles and i met my hubby to grab some lunch1 The weather was great as always in Florida , but I little chilly. So i decided to wear my mother's trench coat which I remenbered her wearing in the 80's . Wow such a long time ago!
I was ready to go cold! Boots,Long coat, Long turtleneck blouse! I'm always expecting some cold weather.:) It's not gonna happen! beijosss

                               I totally forgot to mentioned my mother's brooch! I love my boots from Paris!

 Wearing: Vintage Sunglasses (Cougar Vintage Collection), Mother's Trench Coat, Red Turtleneck Thrift Store, Leather Belt from Brazil,H&M tights,Mellow Yellow Boots, Le Tanner bag from Paris, Thrift coin earrings!
                                                                       I love these restaurant!

                                           Again my favorite! Chilean Sea Bass in Asian Style

                                                   The view from the Restaurant!

                                       Florida is the best place to drive with a top down! :) beijossssss

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dinner at Valentine's day!

As I said before , we went to my favorite restaurant BONEFISH GRILL! I always ended ordering the same plate! No ideas or I just don't want to have a surprise! None of them ... i just have a little obsessesion for fish! I wore my black dress again. Since I'm not couting the last time that was New Years, cause I didn't take pictures. Why ? That was the day we flew back from Paris , I wasn't feeling happy at all to come home! beijos

                                                                My Cute Card!

Wearing: Cintia Rowley dress, H&M belt, Forever21 earrings, Aldo pump heels, Cougar Vintage Clutch!
My make up was a smokey eyes by me! :)

                       My favorite Dish ! CHILEAN SEA BASS WITH JASMINE RICE!   beijosssss
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