Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Paris and Arrondissement !

I was in Paris in December , but I can't stop talking about it !
Everyday was a new day, new adventure! Paris je t'aime !
Walking in  Champs Elysee boulevard, I stopped by these little booth and had for the first time in my life a hot wine ! Was delicious ! Are you surprise ? Of course ,I'm from Brazil , which is already hot !
Arc the Triumph , where's the most dangerous crossing ever ! I've almost get hit by a car .That was crazy , all the tourist trying to get to the other side! I got in a point that I was just watching some foreign strike ! Oh no ! I'm kidding !
I always do some shopping , so I found a these kind of trifht store , which I got some french cds ...Me and my husband bought the best of Gerard Toto , Carla Bruni , some jazz , etc. Everything was  1 euro each ! Another bargain ! Love it ! 

                                                                     Hot Wine ! Love it

                                            Wine with Pretzels and Muffins ! Delicious !

                                               Getting a little silly with the hot wine !

Getting ready to cross the hell !

                                                               Bargains ! Bargains !
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