Thursday, January 27, 2011


I think that i would stop talking about Paris. There were so many things to coment that i would not forgive myself if i was not mentioned ! But now the last day of my trip was based in Gallerie Lafayette which is one of  the most renomed magazine all over the world ! First I have to say after walking in all the galeries with Chanel , Prada , Valentino , Burberry , Balenciaga , Ferragamo and many other brands i felt like  a milionaire shopping like everybody else ! Let me fix this "FELT" is not the same as "DID IT " .Unfortunately I can't afford to buy , but I afford to watch and take pictures ! :) I almost forgot that I got a handbag in LE TANNER which is a brand for bags since 1869 . So I got a Monalisa printed on canvas with leather straps ! Was awsome ! beijos

                                                                  CHANEL WINDOW!

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