Saturday, January 22, 2011

Paris and the Vintage !

Here i am again ... walking down to the streets of Paris, trying to find the adress of both famous vintage stores ! One is Didier Ludot and the other is Gabrielle Geppert ! Both are been featuring in Vogue , Elle , Marie Claire and Lucky !
The fashionistas who likes Vintage has to stop by them ! Didier Ludot has the most magnificient inventory of Chanel , Hermes , Balmain from the 30's to the 80's . Gabrille Geppert is a mix of Vintage and new , but has a lot of expensive clothes. They are located in THE GALERIE MONTPENSIER at the JARDINS DU PALAIS ROYAL. Tres chic , madam !

wearing : Cool  Brocade Jacket which I got in a Vintage store in London

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