Thursday, April 28, 2011

Leopard, Award and Girls! A lot!

 Yesterday i had dinner with some of my brazilian girlfriends! All of them living and working in USA. We always discuss about politics, charity and family! Some of them belongs to the Women League, fashion designer, interior designer and me and Ester are journalists.Was a very  joinfull meeting! beijossss  

 wearing: Leoprad skirt, cougarvintage, Cintia Rowley top, Vintage necklace and sunnies, Tool bag from Vegas, JS Plataforms,gold and leather jewelry from Brazil

                                                                  THE  GIRLS

  I want to thank you  Michelle from dailycatwalk   for this beautiful and amazing  Award! Love you!                        

                                                                          A W A R D

The rules are:

1. Link back to the person who passed you the award

2. Share 7 random things about yourself

3. Award 15 blogs

4. Drop them a note and tell them about it

About me:
1)  I'm a Workaholic
2) Vintage is my passion and everything that goes with that
3) I'm proud to be Brazilian
4) I love Cupcakes and Candies
5) I'm married with a Brooklyn Irish guy, great mix!
6) I am windsurfer, believe or not
7) I have a lot of tattoos , not done yet

I want to pass it on to: theblondemuse, lookdiary, belledecouture, thestilettodiaries  cowszafie, themashedup, nothinglikefashion, gawgusthings, babybudgetblog, vklbr, fashionfifth, popchampagne, laurenlanza, chiccastyle, alicjahandmade

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Maxi Sunshine!

Monday had my day to run some errands for my vintage clothing line! So i worn my maxi dress, gifted from my husband, which was confortable and casual chic. It was a Sunshine day! beijosssssss   

                     Listening to my new favorites! Anna Nalick and Macy Gray!
wearing: Maxi dress gifted from hubby, Guess handbag, Jessica Simpson Plataform, Vintage earrings and sunnies, gold and leather bracelets from Brazil, Swatch watch, OPI blue navy polish...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Hat! Happy Day!

Hey readers I want to wish you a lovely Easter and show what I found this morning going to the pharmacy!
The  Clark from Walgreen's made this unusual Easter hat which a found interesting and creative! So I took a picture to show you all! Thank you Miss....for your beautiful good morning! beijosssss
I'll be relaxing with my hubby in the beach!

My outfit for today! Maxi dress: cougarvintage.etsy, Vintage sunglasses, flat sandals from Steve Madden, jewelry: gold and bracelets forever21, watch: Swatch

                                      Time to stop looking and go for a swim! beijosssssss

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The 80s and The Award!

Hello my fashion friends! Today I decided to wear yellow to comemorate the beautiful SUNSHINE AWARD i received from my lovely friend Gretchen! Take a look below to see which blogs i rewarded!

 wearing: top, earrings and owl ring- forever21, high waist from cougarvintage, Marc Jacobs belt, Jessica Simpson plataform, gold braceletes and Cat Watch gift from my hubby.

                                            AWARD     AWARD   AWARD

I would like to thank  gretchtm for awarding me with the SUNSHINE AWARD. It's my first one and I want to share with all of my followers. Thank you my dear Gretchen....LOVE :)


The rules are:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Write a post about it.
3. Pass it on to 12 blogs that you think really deserve it.
4. Insert the link to their blog.
5. Send them a message to tell them about it.

I'd like to pass i to: cocoandvera, thebasicss, rioyou, dailycatwalk, krisandkel, vivaluxury, sararomerosararomero, missmandymac, justhedonism, thrilloftheheel, i-melda, design3rd,


Monday, April 18, 2011

Can't get The Sequins Out of my System!

Friday was a great night! The newspaper where I colaborate with my fashion articles won the INTERNATIONAL PRESS AWARD for the best Brazilian newspaper in USA.
So I decided to go Sequins again! I'm so obsessed with that. I'm almost wear them during the day.rsrsrs

                         Wearing: - sequin dress, Blue navy ESSE, Diamonds rings, Aldo shoes, Aldo Clutch...
                                                                              My love

                                           My editor Wesley and Sonia( webmaster)

                                                            The singer Andrea Amorim

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Robert Cray Concert +Overdo It Again = LOL

Again I did! Overdo it , like my hubby said, but he also said : " You look beautiful! :) How can you possible think to dress for a Concert in The Playhouse Theatre with walls covered in red velvet,  the crytals chandeliers ahe hanging all over the place and the curtain for the stage looks like the Paris Opera!!!
I dress to the place and the occasion, depending on my mood. But please, flip flops, shorts and baseball hat on Saturday at 9pm... It's unacceptable!!!! Don't you guys agree?  beijosssss

wearing: Top, belt, necklace and long silk skirt from my store
purse- mellow yellow- Paris
Aldo plataforms
watch Swat and gold and leather bracelets. 

                                                           I love him!
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