Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Years! Happy 2015

Hello, everyone. Today who wrote for you was Peanut, my schipperki! That's what she has to say!
Happy New Years ! My name is Peanut and I'm a happy dog but my mom never understands that I'm not girly, I'm a tomboy chic girl! Anyway I hope your next year will be full of life, joy, happiness, healthy and cookies! Love u all!! #family#fashion #fashionista #doglover #perfect #lifestyle#love #dog #friends #forever #schipperki #cookies#inspired #vintage #followers

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Marsala de color of 2015!

Hello everyone! I want to share my weekly fashion article for the newspaper Gazeta Brazilian News! I write in Portuguese and i also post the translation to English! I hope you guys enjoy! beijosss

Marsala the color of 2015!! Stay tuned...
A cor do ano de 2015, leiam mais no Jornal Gazeta News e fiquem por dentro da tendencias:

MARSALA, a cor de 2015!

Pantone, empresa que se considera a autoridade sobre as cores em tendências de consumo, anunciou em dezembro que "Marsala" ou simplesmente vermelho- vinho, foi a sua escolha para a cor do ano de 2015, que é  sutilmente sedutor.
Sediada em Nova Jersey, Pantone, uma subsidiária da X -Rite, elege uma nova cor a cada ano com base nas opiniões dos fashionistas , bem como insiders de música, viagens, cinema e tecnologia. Orquídea Radiant ganhou a honra em 2014, lembram da cor lilás?  Enquanto a esmeralda foi a primeira escolha em 2013.
Assim como o vinho fortificado e siciliano que dá Marsala seu nome, este tom de bom gosto encarna a riqueza satisfatória de uma refeição dos deuses, enquanto seu fundamento nas raízes marrom-avermelhadas emanam um sofisticado, earthiness natural, ou seja o tom de terra avermelhado. Pense em um prato delicioso preparado por chefs com esse vinho de cozinhar!! 

Você pode colocar essa cor em sobreposições ou ao lado dos neutros, preto e navy! Pode complementar com a cor mostarda! E para dar um toque de sedução , use o batom nos lábios, pois essa cor é oficial e já esta com um pé nas vitrines de Primavera- Verão 2015.

Translation to English!
Pantone , a company that is considered the authority on color consumption trends , announced in December that " Marsala" or simply wine -red was his choice for color year 2015 , which is subtly seductive.
Headquartered in New Jersey, Pantone , a subsidiary of X -Rite , elect a new color every year based on the opinions of fashionistas and music insiders, travel , cinema and technology. Radiant Orchid won the honor in 2014 , remember the color purple ? While the emerald was the first choice in 2013 .
As the fortified wine and Sicilian Marsala giving its name, this tasteful tone embodies the wealth of a satisfactory meal of the gods, while its foundation in reddish-brown roots exude a sophisticated , natural earthiness , ie the reddish earth tone . Think of a delicious dish prepared by chefs with this wine to cook !!

You can put this color in overlapping or beside neutral , black and navy ! Can complement the color mustard ! And to give a touch of seduction , use lipstick to her lips as this color is official and already with one foot in the windows of Primavera- summer 2015.
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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Miami Design District Magazine & Adriana De Moura ( The Real Housewife of Miami)- Bravo TV

Hello everyone, remember the fashion editorial that i posted here about Miami Design District Magazine, me as a fashion stylist and Adriana de Moura? Yesss, we are so happy for the official launched of the magazine! The week of Art Basel and the magazine were together in the same page, spreaded all over downtown Miami covering hands of readers!! Here are the photos of the inside fashion editorial and the cover magazine! Thanks to The Real Housewife of Miami Adriana de Moura who did a great job as a model and celebrity cover and the whole team @CesarFerrette make up artist, @CarmemGusmao: loft space and jewelry, @saks Fifth Avenue: clothes, @Natasah Kertes photography and my work which i'm proud everyday! beijosss
 Carla McCarthy: Fashion Stylist and Adriana de Moura - The Real Housewife of Miami- Bravo TV
 Adriana de Moura - The Real Housewife of Miami- Bravo TV and Carla McCarthy Fashion Stylist

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Alem da Conta com Ingrid Guimaraes- GNT Brazil

Hello everyone, the past 2 weeks was insane but I was happy enough because I was working behind the scenes on a tv show from Brazil called "Alem da Conta "!! This season is about the brasiliians who spend thousands of dollars in a shopping frenzy ! I took care of the wardrobe of the host in every location in Miami Beach !! If you know Ingrid Guimaraes and the guests you will love to see the pictures!! Beijos
Tata Werneck and Ingrid Guimaraes

Carla McCarthy and Ingrid Guimaraes 
Carla McCarthy and Tata Werneck 

           Ingrid Guimaraes 
             Carla McCarthy 
       Carla McCarthy and Ricardo Tozzi 

Ingrid Guimaraes and Ricardo Tozzi recording 
Bruna Marquezine and Carla McCarthy 
Ingrid Guimaraes and Bruna Marquezine recording on Lincoln road 
                Ingrid Guimaraes 
     Ingrid Guimaraes and Suzana Vieira 
      Carla McCarthy and Suzana Vieira 
Flavia Alessandra and Ingrid Guimaraes 
Carla McCarthy and Flavia Alessandra 
   Ingrid Guimaraes and Luis Miranda 
    Luis Miranda and Carla McCarthy 
     Ingrid Guimaraes and Suzana Vieira 
Ingrid Guimaraes and Ricardo Tozzi 
       Be Carla McCarthy on the set 
The behind the scenes team having a break ! 
Tony the hair and make up guy, Carla McCarthy and Ingrid Guimaraes 
The hotel and the luggage Carla McCarthy 
Ingrid Guimaraes recording in a brasilian cell phone company 
Ingrid Guimaraes and Luis Miranda recording for the Black Friday scene !  

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Furs for Fall 2014!

Hello everyone, my recent Fashion Report for the Gazeta Brazilian News was about the furs for fall! If you want to follow my articles weekly just click here! I post some great vintage faux furs on my shop here !beijosss

Furs and more Furs...

When it comes to FURS as a fashion trend, debates and wars online always take place, not only by appearance itself, but the controversy and controversy that this topic generates. The truth today is between the skin True X False . With the PETA movement, and rejections of some fashion groups in relation to the topic, it became a battle of accusations and panic at the thought of going out in the street with a real fur coat !! You do not want to take a bath in red ink and ruin your poor pet ! But from the standpoint of the great designers there are still customers for their own beauties! Gone are the days where wearing fur had to have a real refinement ; slaughtered animals and fat bank accounts just because of some thin coat that mirrored her social status , rather than a sense of fashion. Today we have tons of fakes to choose from, and when it comes to faux fur industry is well advanced in terms of colors and variations that never would meet in half beast.  Fluffy, heater and colorful skins passed to a higher level ! Amid inspirations that go beyond the Sponge Bob Moschino until neons Altzurra designer jackets , winter 2014 catwalks , showed what is better between the false and true ! The decision and the pockets are yours! But between garlic and oranges , no matter what side of the war you're part, you'll have to join that animalistic and cozy trend!
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Friday, November 7, 2014

Neiman Marcus Fall runway!

Hello everyone ! Yesterday I attended the Neiman Marcus fall runway 2014 with my friend Adriana de Moura ( The Real Housewife of Miami .Bravo TV ) ! The event was held at Bal Harbour shops in Miami. On the runway a lot of colorful furs, sequins, leather and fringe was seen on the models. The New York fashion guru Caroline Maguire was a host of the event ! it is always a pleasure get invited by the store! Beijosss

Adriana de Moura and Carla McCarthy 

Carla McCarthy, Caroline Maguire and Adriana de Moura 

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

ACONTECE Magazine and Carmem Gusmão!

Hello everyone, i love to announce another job as a fashion stylist for a brazilian magazine ACONTECE! The next issue will be Art Basel Miami and the international artist painter "CARMEM GUSMÃO"! A sneak peek from behind the scenes! beijosss

                                                          CARMEM GUSMÃO

                                     CARLA McCARTHY & CARMEM GUSMÃO

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