Monday, January 31, 2011

Fashion is a playground !

I changed as a chamaleon , one day I was Rock and Roll and the other day I was in my grandma's closet ! :) Depends of my mood ! But you can always put together what you feel like !
Fashion is a playground so please feel free to play ! beijos

 wearing : Vintage French hat, Vintage sunglasses, Grandsma necklace, Francesca top, Grandsma crochet xale, Mother's brooch, Mother's flower ring, Zara skirt , H&M tights, Aldo shoes , Tools bag
mother's brooch 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rock and Roll !

Saturday I went to The Italian  Restaurant  Zuccarelli . Works very well for me , cause it's in the corner of my house . I decided to go pasta , not a good decision, since me and my hubby are in diet ! After all the nice food we hit the Nautical Flea Market. Buy a boat ? Not at all , just checking the market !
Guess how I dressed ?  Totally Rock nad Roll, looking Natalie Merchant .
Back to the gym Monday morning ! beijos   

 Wearing : Vintage Hat, Forever 21 purple top, Fred Flaire Boyfriend Blazer, Forever21 leggings, Forever21 boots, Marc Jacobs bag, Guess watch,Vintage Bangles, Brazilian necklace  !

                                                                   Just a salad ! Great !

Garlic rolls ! Delicious , but bad for me ! I couldn't post the other plate, was to much for my conscience!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Posh Posh Posh tudo !

Yesterday,I was a judge for THE BRAZILIAN  TALENT FASHION AWARD,  which choose the best Talent all over Brazil for the USA. I decided to dress totally POSH ECLETIC . There's no many chances here in Florida to wear furs! So I went for it ! Of course I took my hubby, he needs to be part of the Brazilian comunity eventhough he is genuine Irish- american - brooklyn ! :) beijos

Wearing :  Vintage Rabbit jacket, Necklace from JCpenney, Pink top Cintia Rowley, Skirt Forever21,Tights from H&M, Aldo shoes and Vintage leather purse

My husband !

No good , while judging ! :)

                                                                 My favorite !


Thursday, January 27, 2011


I think that i would stop talking about Paris. There were so many things to coment that i would not forgive myself if i was not mentioned ! But now the last day of my trip was based in Gallerie Lafayette which is one of  the most renomed magazine all over the world ! First I have to say after walking in all the galeries with Chanel , Prada , Valentino , Burberry , Balenciaga , Ferragamo and many other brands i felt like  a milionaire shopping like everybody else ! Let me fix this "FELT" is not the same as "DID IT " .Unfortunately I can't afford to buy , but I afford to watch and take pictures ! :) I almost forgot that I got a handbag in LE TANNER which is a brand for bags since 1869 . So I got a Monalisa printed on canvas with leather straps ! Was awsome ! beijos

                                                                  CHANEL WINDOW!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paris Je t'aime ! Shopaholic me ?

If you are in Paris, or going there , please stop by CHEZ CAMILLE BISTRO. The best TARTE TATIN ever in my life . Marie the waitress is such a nice person and she recomends these dessert . Of course we ate delicious food ! Oh , It's located at Saint Germain de Pres in La Rue FRANCS BOURJEOIS. All the beautiful shops and local boutiques are in the area. I got some nice boots and a feather purse at MELLOW YELLOW !
I also took a picture of these fancy fashion couple in the store ! Check it out !  beijos

                                                                   My  mother's sweter !

                                   Salad , Camenbert and French Bread ! Was delicious !

                                               kkkkk I wrote TARTE TATIN on a table !

                                                                 Cool couple !

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Still Talking about Paris ? Yes :)

Of course I'm still talking about Paris! My trip was a blast! Thank God for my husband!
Let's take a walk to THE LOUVRE ! Actually I went there to see MONALISA and RUBENS , who I studied in my Fashion University!  RUBENS, was the first  to draw women's clothing in full detail!
I was wearing my vintage military jacket, which i got in Portugal a long time ago. Of course I was wearing my new French hat , which my hubby purchased for me!
Now enjoy the pictures ! I almost forgot that I took a picture of these Japanese couple outside THE LOUVRE. They were awesome couple. I told my husband  that we should get marry again ! He thinks I'm nutts!   beijos


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