Carla McCarthy

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Carla studied ballet at the prestigious  Dalal Achcar School for 15 years. She then attended the University Candido Mendes School of Fashion Design. Carla founded the "Absoluta" and "Nica Mello" clothing lines and had a regular fashion
segment on the popular TV show "Programa da Lili"(CNT) in Rio.
 Here in Florida, Mrs. McCarthy is constantly in demand as a stylist, personal shopper and image consultant for Adriana de Moura ( The real Housewife of Miami). She also writes the fashion page for Gazeta, the Brazilian newspaper and works as a fashion director for UPSCALE LIVING MAGAZINE!

Carla came to the USA in 2006 to open a wholesale division for a Brazilian jeans company. It was here that she founded Cougar Vintage. 
"My mother was always my fashion icon, since I was a  young girl, playing in her closet. I just loved her clothes. I'm somehow stuck in the past, maybe because I was raised in a huge old house with a lot of art deco and antique baroque decor. All the inspiration for my vintage collection is based on my beloved fashionistas from the 60s, 70s and 80s like my mother, Jackie Onassis, Audrey Hepburn and Lauren Hutton. I believe that my things can transport you back to a more glamorous and hopeful time. Cougar Vintage clothes are elegant and fun, whether  for a girls night out, a special date or even a formal occasion."

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