Monday, October 28, 2013

Useful Tips On How To "Save" An Old Pair of Flip Flops

     Hello everyone! Today I would love to share how you can save your old flip flop or buy a new one! We all have a pair of flip flops that we enjoy wearing around the house. Some of us might actually enjoy wearing them a little too much and we take every opportunity we have to wear them while going out, as well. While this is fine, it will reduce the life span of your flip flops. One way to resolve this issue is to look for a Flipflop sale and buy a new pair. However, if you are feeling too attached to the pair you already have, here are a few tips to help you repair and restore them to their former glory.
1. Avoid bending the flip flop
If you want your flip flops to last as long as possible, you should avoid bending them in the middle as if you were curling your foot and standing on your toes. This is a habit that some people might have, but this will weaken the flip flops and cause them to deteriorate.
2. Fix the Rubber Peg
The most common issue with flip flops involves the rubber peg which is located between the big toe and the second toe. This will often get broken or get ripped out of the flip flop, making the shoes useless. However, it can be reattached with a little ingenuity. All you need is a plastic bread clip that you attach to the stem underneath the sole. Push the peg through the hole and apply super glue to it. Now all you have to do is pull the peg back up tight and let it dry.

3. Professional repair
If you are really attached to your flip flops or if they were particularly expensive, you can always take them in for professional shoe repair and they will be as good as new.

If you require new footwear, visit  
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Miss Brazil /USA!

Hello everyone! Sunday the day of the laziness, but i would love to share this pictures with you guys! On october 12th I had been part of one of the most special peagent contests called Miss Brazil/USA. I was one of the  judges to select the most perfect teenager in South Florida! Guess who was the host? Sharing the stage with Adriana de Moura  was Dr. Rey from 90210 and Vincent de Paul (Hollywood celebrity)! Az Araujo was the designer and Daniele Quigley the CEO. My Cougar Vintage company and Chloe and Isabel which I represent were one of the sponsors!beijosss

Here's my fast appearance getting interviewed by Eye on Chanel 16, South Florida: 

                                                            Carla McCarthy and Fabianne Iapi
 Az Araujo, Carla McCarthy, Ana Sofia ( Miss ), Adriana de Moura ( The Real Housewife of Miami- Bravo TV), Kiki and Fabianne Iapi
                                                                     Az Araujo and Carla McCarthy (me)
                                                 Nick Betancourt, Carla McCarthy and Jonathan Yaskoff

                               AZ Araujo, Carla McCarthy, Dr. Rey and Denise Mata

                                                    Dr. Rey and Carla McCarthy( me)
wearing: Vintage Black Dress
Clutch: Vintage french clutch
Jewelry: Givenchy
Shoes: Valentino

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Glamours Fashion Show!

Hello everyone. This past saturday I presented a Runway show which Cougar Vintage ( my online vintage shop) was on the Runway! It was amazing, all my friends and customers attended! It was hold at Viceroy Htl at the roof top, Club 50 in Miami! Models, press, photographers, champagne and a lot of house music took the show! I shared the runway with my friend Michele and Karla owners of WB, and Blueberry boutique as well! beijosss
Gazeta News events

 The invitation

Friends and Customers

                                                                Carla McCarthy ( me)

                                              Cougar Vintage Runway ( you find everything here )

                                  For more about the event follow my Facebook here
Fotos by Vivi Boher
Ernesto Rivero
Acontece Magazine
Gazeta Brazilian News
Johnny Villaronga

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Adriana de Moura wedding!!The Real Housewife of Miami!

Hello, everyone. All the criticism my girlfriend Adriana de Moura ( The Real Housewife of Miami) is getting right now is unfair. I was one of the 70 guests to attend the ceremony and the party@Biltmore. Every hour we spent there, waiting for her, was priceless. The ceremony, the food, the vibe and the  people were amazing, we had a blast!! I would do it over again, anytime! I wish Adriana and Frederic a lifetime of health and happiness, they deserve all good things. Here's the exclusive pictures of the wedding and a little show in between about me and my husband while we were trying to find a place to change after the church! I hope you guys enjoy!!! beijosss

Huffington post

                                                                       Me(Carla McCarthy) and my husband!


                                                           Avra  Banks and Lauren Foster

                                                          Adriana de Moura and Alex

                                                               Frederic and Adriana

                                                    Marysol, Alexia and Adriana

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