Sunday, April 10, 2011

Over do it, me in Palm beach ?

My husband said to me that I've always over do it. I don't think so! I think that most of the people just don't care what they are wearing!
I decided to go sunny, chic and vintage! Why ? Because it was a Vintage  Car Auction. The famous  Barret- Jackson Palm Beach and 40th Anniversary! Don't you guys agree? I'm not gonna post what i saw but there are no words to describe it! (nice words anyway) beijosssssss

 Wearing: D&G sunglasses, Top from Divina Decadencia, Forever21 shorts, belt from, Brazilian  Leather clutch, gold and leather bracelets from all over the places,  necklace from,Vintage CHLOE shoes...
                                                                          I want it!

                                                            I want this one too!

                                                         Not mine, I wish .... It's my dream!

                                  I'm sorry I had to laugh! I think i was the only one in a weird clothes! :)
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