Friday, April 1, 2011

Can't get enough of the 70s!

Yes , one day more to go! Today is Friday bloggers!  Yesterday i went to the meeting with my editor and guess what i was wearing ? A 70's leopard's print High Waist pants from my cougarvintage store! Of course the whole place was looking to see where i came from ! I just don't get it! There was no such a big deal! Probably beacuse was 80s degress? Or they might though that they saw these a long time ago in their closets or might be the tattoos? Beijoooosssss

Have a  great weekend everyone! 

Wearing: Top from Old Navy, Suede Vest from Forever21, High Waist pants from, Rayban sunglasses, Gold and Pearls rings from my mom, Bracelets from places all over, Earrings from Foreve21, Bag from a tools store, Jessica Simpson Plataforms!  beijossssssss
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