Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Palm Beach Day!

Yesterday my husband had to run some errands in Palm Beach! So I left my computer on, where i was trying to finish my article, and went with him! That was the best idea i had, cause we stopped at the shops and had some great lunch at Taboo Restaurant. Finally I wore my pleated skirt, not the one for sale in my shop, but the short one. Some leather shoes from Brazil , that looks totally 60's. So much fun . I should had brought my bikinis! The beach was just amazing! beijossss    

 Wearing! Vintage french Shrug Lace Bolero, T-shirt from Forever21,Vintage Tresse leather belt,Vintage sunglasses, Vintage Pleated skirt, Jackie O shoes from Brazil, Bracelet from Forever21, Necklace from Forever21, Monalisa bag Le Tanner ( Paris)

                                                                         Love the Jackie O shoes!

              Mixed everything from print t-shirt , necklace and shrug! I think came out right!

                                                             The shops of Palm Beach!
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