Friday, March 11, 2011

Sea Watch, the 80's and Snowbird!

I just discoverd these amazing restaurant here in Florida. The view is amazing = The beach! The food is off the chain! The name is Sea Watch! OMG!
So i put together my new 80's high waist floral print from my online store with just a black top and my ocean green shoes! Perfect outfit for 70 degrees,  lunch time and a lot of snowbirds in the place! Thanks that i didn't wear my brazilian bikinis! Beijosss

Top and bracelets-Forever 21, Necklace-JCpenney, Vintage sunglasses, High Waist pants-cougarvintage store, Vintage belt, Vintage Italian Clutch, Cintia Rowley Shoes

I love snowbirds with their fashion bows! Is not that cute? :)
                                          THE END and a lot of calories! I can't help myself!
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