Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Not So Secret! Brazilian Strogonoff

Today I'm just a housife, cleaning , cooking and getting ready for welcome my best friend from Dallas! But i really would like to share a famous brazilian  recipe with you guys! Most of my friends call me and ask me how to make it! THE CHICKEN STROGONOFF! Easy and delicious!

1) Boneless Skinless chicken breast ( 2 pounds). cut into small pieces approx 1in
2) 1 small can of tomate sauce (8 oz)
3) 1 small jar of mushrooms
3) 1 can of Creme de Leite( able cream) Nestle ( Latin section)
4) 1/3 Cup canola Oil
5) 1 TBSP of garlic shopped
6) 1/4 Cup of shopped sweet onion
7) salt and pepper to taste

Cook onion and garlic in oil on medium hit for 3 minutes, add chicken pieces , cook approx 1 hour, stiring occasionally.Rinse the mushrooms in cool water and stir in with chicken for 5 mins . Then  add tomato sauce and cook another 5 mins. The last is the table cream cooking low for 2 mins in low heat!
Sirve with Rice and garnish with Potato Sticks. Ready !  beijossss

                                                                 Adding the table cream!

                                       I'm hungry! Time to eat! See you guys next week! 
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