Sunday, January 9, 2011

Walking in London as a tourist !

          I'm still trying to report my london trip as a tourist !        
          I went to this museum so close to the Mint hotel . It is called Tate Britain where they were having an exhibition of arts and collectibles from the 17 and 18 century ! I saw the paintings of Gerard Byrne . If I'm not mistaken he was from 18 century !
          The fact is in Europe is that you can always walk or get the underground ! It's super easy the ones in London .
           Further north of Thamis River , you really do a tourist thing :  "THE  LONDON EYE" ,which is one the tourist atraction. You can see London city and have your picture frame with one of the "catch you stupid " camera . Depends on you , if you are willing to pay or not . You don't have to , but you always ended it up buying .The funniest thing is when you come home , no place to put or match with your decoration the stupid thing !
         Ok , now you get to the underground from Westminster to  South Kensington ,  and when you see thousands of people squeezing themselves to get a best angle to take pictures you will know that's the Buckingham Palace ! Check with the hotel before you go to see the guards changed. I got there on a Tuesday @ 11:30 am . So if you lucky , get down there before 11 am  and you can get a good spot ! And don't forget to check the Buckingham Palace Store. I got a plate, beautiful tea box and a vintage bracelet from a Scottish artist !
              Ouch ! I'm almost forget another tourist atraction : MADAME TUSSAUDS MUSEUM ...Actually it's not that bad, but they should 've been doing a betther job with the wax. Some of the celebrities don't even look the real ones ! But it's a good picture with one of them , at least you have the oportunity to grab the copy  :)              
           Next chapter I'll be in Paris ...Au Revoir ! beijos 

My oufit between the tights , wool cover , stripes top and wool sweater cust $ 20 ... Bargain !

Help yourself if you can !

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