Sunday, January 2, 2011

London part II - Walking in the streets !

I'm still recovering from my trip , suffering with my jet-lag ! I posted some new songs on my ipod which I think there's somehow related with me and my trip .
   Talking about it , let me tell you ! Walking in the streets of London as a local , you can stop by Tesco Supermarket , and get some good wine , a package of cadbury flakes , actually those i brought for my Inglish friend Natasha who begued me !A bottle of water  from West Wales cust 2.50 pounds , which is the double in dollars !A good Bourdoux in the same market is 8.65 pounds ! It's really not bad at all , comparing with the prices in USA !
   Oh there was a little market happenning in front of the London eye ! I decided to stop and buy a little vintage watch  necklace , so cute , was 10 pounds ! And also I purchased a title for my freind Avi , and a fur ear muffs for 7 pounds ! I really needed ! Was frezzing that night of 19th december !
   If you are hungry , stop at THE GIRAFFE , where we ate ( me and my hubby ),is in front of THAMES RIVER ! We had FALAFEL , was a mediterranean food , affordable and delicious ! 

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