Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Walking In London !

     I would never forgive myself if  I didn't mention HARRODS ! WOW ! What a department store ! It's amazing ! Of course I couldn't afford most of the garments , but I got a dvd : " COCO CHANEL with Andrey Tautou , who I love till the day I die ! OH ! I almost forgot I gave my husband a ACQUA DI PARMA parfum in a kit ! He got me one as well ! :)
    Take your time to watch a play ! I went to " PHANTOM OF THE OPERA" @ HER MAJESTY'S THEATRE ! If you can't watch a play in NYC , at least watch in LONDON ! I'm just kidding , but it was the circunstances !
    Don't forget to spend the whole day @ OXFORD STREET and REGENT STREET which you'll find the most beautiful brands stores ever as H&M , TOPSHOP , MANGO , RIVER ISLAND , PENHALIGON'S , etc ...
   I got some paints in TOPSHOP and a tons of stuff in H&M ...Totally broke,  (  but happy ) beijos

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