Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Alem da Conta com Ingrid Guimaraes- GNT Brazil

Hello everyone, the past 2 weeks was insane but I was happy enough because I was working behind the scenes on a tv show from Brazil called "Alem da Conta "!! This season is about the brasiliians who spend thousands of dollars in a shopping frenzy ! I took care of the wardrobe of the host in every location in Miami Beach !! If you know Ingrid Guimaraes and the guests you will love to see the pictures!! Beijos
Tata Werneck and Ingrid Guimaraes

Carla McCarthy and Ingrid Guimaraes 
Carla McCarthy and Tata Werneck 

           Ingrid Guimaraes 
             Carla McCarthy 
       Carla McCarthy and Ricardo Tozzi 

Ingrid Guimaraes and Ricardo Tozzi recording 
Bruna Marquezine and Carla McCarthy 
Ingrid Guimaraes and Bruna Marquezine recording on Lincoln road 
                Ingrid Guimaraes 
     Ingrid Guimaraes and Suzana Vieira 
      Carla McCarthy and Suzana Vieira 
Flavia Alessandra and Ingrid Guimaraes 
Carla McCarthy and Flavia Alessandra 
   Ingrid Guimaraes and Luis Miranda 
    Luis Miranda and Carla McCarthy 
     Ingrid Guimaraes and Suzana Vieira 
Ingrid Guimaraes and Ricardo Tozzi 
       Be Carla McCarthy on the set 
The behind the scenes team having a break ! 
Tony the hair and make up guy, Carla McCarthy and Ingrid Guimaraes 
The hotel and the luggage Carla McCarthy 
Ingrid Guimaraes recording in a brasilian cell phone company 
Ingrid Guimaraes and Luis Miranda recording for the Black Friday scene !  

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