Monday, April 14, 2014

Pat Cleveland and Neiman Marcus!

Hello everyone! The Neiman Marcus at the Galleria Mall on April 7th was the scene of another fashion event where Pat Cleveland (famous model from the 70s) in addition to being host, stunningly paraded down the catwalk! Spring / Summer 2014 full of news, the store showed the creme de la creme of their new collection of Valentino, Herve Leger, Prada among others! Clients and VIPS were served with a delicious lunch, wine and desserts! A Luxury! BTW , It was such a honored to meet Pat and Anna Cleveland! beijosss

                                             Anna Cleveland, Pat Cleveland and Carla McCarthy
                                     Anna Cleveland, Pat Cleveland and Carla McCarthy
                                   Carla McCarthy, Blima Efraim and Marcia Regina Andrade
                           Marcia Regina Andrade, Blima Efraim and Silvia Palucci

                                             Jonie Sabo( P.R. Neiman Marcus)
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