Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY Sneakers!

Of course i was inspired by the Miu Miu sneakers, but the reality is i can't afford it! So I have this mango sneakers in the closet and after my glitz project it became a new version of the Miu Miu,at least in my point of view! beijosss

old sneakers
crystals (Joann fabrics)
canvas glitz color
adhesive tape
cotton tip

                         1a. step: Isolate with the adhesive tape the parts you don't want to paint
 2a step: Paint with the glitter color the front and leave 1 hour to dry. Repeat the process depending how much glitter and color you want . I done it 3 times! 

3a step: Start applying the glue in the back of the crystals( better apply with cotton tips) and place the way you desire!

                                 4a step: After you've done leave it at least 24 hrs to dry the stones!!!
                               Voila!!!! Now you can paired with skinny jeans or a a pleated skirt!
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