Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Cupcake!

When i woke up today I decided to make cupcakes for our breakfast! I had some of the stuff in the house, which I got it a week ago! I love cupcakes , but today I did it fast! Everyhting in the box and ready to go!
Plans and exchanging gifts just at night. We have plans to go eat in my favorite restaurant Bonefish grill!

                                 HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVRYBODY !
     My $1 dollar recipe! Box =  1 , Sprinkle = $1 ,Icing =$1,paper muffins cups = $1.... That was a bargain ! I got everythin   in a Dollar Store...

 I almost forgot : the heart sticks i got them in the Dollar Store as well ! A package of 10 for $1 ...

                                                          My cookie holding my heart! :) 
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