Saturday, February 12, 2011

70's Style with Candle light...

Thursday I cooked dinner to my husband's cousin. I was in mood of the 70's. Don't ask me why, cause I can't find any explanation for my revivals! Everyday is some caracter ! I was feeling a liitle bit Lauren Hutton in the 70's. No comparison at all between our beauty , just the outfit!
I got a new table cloth from Ralph Lauren( TjMaxx) and some crystal candle holder at the Thrift store.
The dinner was delicious like always. My especiality is Chicken Strogonoff with white Rice and Potato sticks. beijos....

     Wearing: Top from Brazil, High Waist leopard print from my Cougar Vintage Collection, Gold and turtleshell belt from my Cougar Vintage Collection, Red Shoes from Brazil, Vintage earrings and Acrilic 70's bangles from my Cougar Vintage store!

                                                My New aquisition : Crystal Candle holders

                                                             New Ralph Lauren table Cloth !

                                                    CHICKEN STROGONOFF!!! Love it
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