Monday, March 14, 2011

Working in a Photoshoot!

Here i am at Monday evening, sitting in front of the computer, trying to finish my article for the brazilian newspaper. Which is very easy for me , since i'm writing on my own language=Portuguese!
Kind of late with my posts, because my girlfriend from Dallas was here the whole week! We had so much fun , but a lot of work to do!
We put together her whole fashion collection with a huge photoshoot! One of my best friend is a professional fashion photographer and did a great job! . We hired these 2 beautiful models. One of them is Miss Brazil -USA- Glenda Shaw and the other one, Mariana Ferrari is a Miami Fashion Week model!
Life back to normal! Great week evebody! beijossss

The crew: from the left to the right: Barbara(make up and hair), Glenda Shaw(Miss Brazil-USA), Mariana Ferrari( model-Miami Fashion Week), Me( consultant and fashion director), Bruna Bastos( photographer), my best friend Maristella Citelli ( fashion designer and owner).
                                                           Very serious at the studio! :)

                            My photographer best friend :  Bruna from

                                                        The dress from H&M

                           My old wedges from Aldo. I think they might be falling apart if i'm not mistaken ! :(

                          YUMMY! I couldn't help again! Tomorrow back on track! No more!
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