Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Robert Cray Concert +Overdo It Again = LOL

Again I did! Overdo it , like my hubby said, but he also said : " You look beautiful! :) How can you possible think to dress for a Concert in The Playhouse Theatre with walls covered in red velvet,  the crytals chandeliers ahe hanging all over the place and the curtain for the stage looks like the Paris Opera!!!
I dress to the place and the occasion, depending on my mood. But please, flip flops, shorts and baseball hat on Saturday at 9pm... It's unacceptable!!!! Don't you guys agree?  beijosssss

wearing: Top, belt, necklace and long silk skirt from my store
purse- mellow yellow- Paris
Aldo plataforms
watch Swat and gold and leather bracelets. 

                                                           I love him!
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