Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Furs for Fall 2014!

Hello everyone, my recent Fashion Report for the Gazeta Brazilian News was about the furs for fall! If you want to follow my articles weekly just click here! I post some great vintage faux furs on my shop here !beijosss

Furs and more Furs...

When it comes to FURS as a fashion trend, debates and wars online always take place, not only by appearance itself, but the controversy and controversy that this topic generates. The truth today is between the skin True X False . With the PETA movement, and rejections of some fashion groups in relation to the topic, it became a battle of accusations and panic at the thought of going out in the street with a real fur coat !! You do not want to take a bath in red ink and ruin your poor pet ! But from the standpoint of the great designers there are still customers for their own beauties! Gone are the days where wearing fur had to have a real refinement ; slaughtered animals and fat bank accounts just because of some thin coat that mirrored her social status , rather than a sense of fashion. Today we have tons of fakes to choose from, and when it comes to faux fur industry is well advanced in terms of colors and variations that never would meet in half beast.  Fluffy, heater and colorful skins passed to a higher level ! Amid inspirations that go beyond the Sponge Bob Moschino until neons Altzurra designer jackets , winter 2014 catwalks , showed what is better between the false and true ! The decision and the pockets are yours! But between garlic and oranges , no matter what side of the war you're part, you'll have to join that animalistic and cozy trend!
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