Thursday, December 12, 2013

TV GLOBO Party & Adriana De Moura( RHOM)

Hello everyone! The past Saturday me and Adriana de Moura attended this huge party for brasilians called "Feijoada da Globo"( Globo Television is the biggest international brazilian TV Network)! Celebrities and actors from Brazil came to celebrate with the community!! Here are some behind the scenes of us getting ready in the fancy Miami Studio! By the way I customized my tshirt! :) beijosss
 Cesar Ferrete ( haïr dress and Make up) and Adriana de Moura ( RHOM)
 Cesar Ferrete , Adriana de Moura (RHOM) and Carla McCarthy ( me)
 Dinho Payan( Studio D) and Adriana de Moura
 Carla McCarthy ( me), Adriana de Moura and Dr. Jabal Uffelmann
 Carla McCarthy and Murilo Rosa( Celebrity actor- TV GLOBO)

 Carla McCarthy ( me)
 Jay ( MUA) and Carla McCarthy
Carla McCarthy ( me ) and Allex Antonio ( MUA)

               If you want to know more about the party follow my Facebook page here
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