Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lady Gaga ready for a barbecue . By the way she was the meat !!!

Yes, everything from the hat to the dress to the shoes to the clutch, was made of real meat.
Here are pictures of the Lady Gaga’s meat outfit from many angles, but before you view them, please make sure that your breakfast/lunch/dinner or whatever has already nicely settled in your stomach:

E por falar de carne , o rewsponsavel por essa obra de arte , foi a designer argentino Franc Fernandez , que intitulou a roupa de "matambre" , e diz que nao poderia traduzir para o portugues . Na realidade , para mim , quer dizer , " Mata a fome " , so nao sei de quem ele queria matar a fome !!!XO

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